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Lewiston-Auburn Mini Maker Faire - Makers

Check out some of our 2013 Makers

Mad Science of Maine will present their "Air and Ice" Show and the "Radical Reactions Show" at the 2013 Lewiston-Auburn Mini Maker Faire. Mad Science performs high energy, interactive performances with Spectacular Science experiments like you've never seen before!  The shows are entertainig for all ages. They have Fun down to a Science!

Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe
Stephen Voltz grew up in San Francisco California, where he discovered his passion for performance. At an early age, he taught himself to juggle, eat fire, and execute simple magic tricks. He took his self-taught skills to the streets during his high school career, and  continued when he attended Oberlin College in 1979. He obtained his Law degree from New York University in 1984 and shortly after moved to Boston to practice law. Several years ago, he studied physical comedy at Celebration Barn Theater in South Paris, and went on to creating his own comedy shows and performing in theaters.

Fritz Grobe knew at an early age that he wanted to be a mathematician or a designer for Lego. Fritz attended Yale University studying mathematics where he founded the Yale Anti-Gravity Society, the university’s first-ever juggling club. When Fritz left Yale, he studied physical theater at Celebration Barn Theater. Fritz has won several championships for juggling, including the International Jugglers Festival in 1993. From 2000 to 2001, Fritz was the Managing Director at Celebration Barn Theater where he created several of his own productions. Fritz currently helps run the Oddfellow Theater in Buckfield where he also writes and performs.

Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe are the scientists behind EepyBird, a company that is on a mission to find innovative uses for everyday objects. They are well known for their Coke Zero and Mentos Spectacular, and many other experiments that use shampoo, paper airplanes, and sticky notes. All their experiments are created in their laboratory located in Buckfield, Maine.  Their experiments and performances have landed them several television appearances such as “David Letterman”, “Ellen,” “The Today Show,” “Mythbusters,” and more.

Karin Schott
Karin Schott is the owner and creator of Fleecenik Designs, a small   craft business nestled in the woods of central Maine. Karin is an avid hand knitter and teaches her technique to several local Adult Education programs. She also specializes in machine knitting, where
she creates sweaters, hats, and mittens using local wool from Harmony, Maine.



Jude Bellas
Jude Bellas specializes in Paper Quilling (or paper filigree), an ancient form of art which consists of twirling narrow strips of paper into intricate, delicate designs. Some designs created can be specific such as quilling flowers, animals, and others less specific such as geometric shapes or abstract forms. With the right supplies and some imagination and creativity, almost anything can be designed. Completed designs make great artwork for framing and can even be free-standing when done in 3D. Jude truly enjoys this form of art and believes that if you “love your art, it is never tedious – just simply rewarding.”

Gardiner Iron Tigers
The Gardiner Iron Tigers is a non-profit Robotics Team from Gardiner Maine, officially sanctioned by the MSAD 11 School Board. Their goal is to help students ages 14 to 18 explore the fields of mechanical engineering, computer science, animation, movie making, graphic design, and wood and metal fabrication, all while maintaining the high standards of a FIRST participant. The Gardiner Iron Tigers’ mission is to participate in at least one FIRST Robotics competition every school year. This year they were challenged to make a robot that could shoot frisbees into goals that are between 2 to 9 feet high and then climb a tower with ladder like rungs on it. All the robots are designed, built, and programmed by the high school students.

Thomas Lemieux – Iron Man of Maine

Thomas Lemieux from Oakland Maine has created a very realistic replica of the Iron Man suit from the movie Iron Man. Made out of plastic and foam rubber, the suit can’t fly but it might as well be able to!  His suit features LED lights and sounds from the actual movie. Also included in his suit are arm repulsors, voice changers, sound boards, mobile gloves, and so much more!




Sheryl Westleigh
Sheryl Westleigh is a sculptor and jewelry maker from Western Maine who now resides in Portland. Her love for sculpture began as a child when she would watch her grandfather turn piles of leather into intricate saddles. In 2005 she became more serious with her craft, and focused mainly on smaller, affordable sculptures. Her love for marine animals such as octopus, cuttlefish, squid, turtles and anything else that roams the ocean are her main source of inspiration for her sculptures and jewelry. Using polymer clay, all pieces are handcrafted separately so each has their own unique personality. Sheryl created her business, Noadi’s Art, in 2008 part-time to help develop her audience and market her craft. By 2010, Noadi’s Art became a full-time business for Sheryl and she now sells her handmade jewelry and original art to dozens of countries.

Tess Parrish
Tess Parrish is a Bobbin Lacemaker from the Southern Maine Lace Group (SOME). Tess can create different types of lace from bobbins such as needlemade lace, knitted lace, crocheted lace, and tatting. This craft requires a pillow, a pattern, pins, thread, and bobbins on which the thread is wound. Lacemaking is a craft that has a long historic past, especially in most European countries, and it is still practiced currently all over the world.

Kalvin Gearhart
Kalvin Gearhart is a Lewiston native, whose lifelong passion for medieval history and armor gave him the desire to create Chainmail Jewelry. Kalvin decided to turn his hobby into something that could be profitable, so he opened his store, Kalvin’s Chainmail.  Kalvin's Chainmail combines his love of crafting chainmail with his desire to share that love with other people in the form of jewelry for birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries.



TheMaine Mathematics Science and Engineering Talent Search Program (MMSETS) is a non-profit organization working to advance education for children and youth in mathematics and engineering. Their mission

is to expand children’s interest in engineering, engineering technology, and mathematics. Some of the programs that are offered include Lego robotics, mathematical problem solving programs, and educational programs for teachers and students. One of their most interesting programs is in Modular Origami. Modular Origami is an art of science, and it involves identical folded paper units assembled without glue, string, or any other binding material.  It has a wide range of practical applications including robotics, hydraulic and sheet-metal bending, and much more.

Spruce Mountain Area Robotics Team

Spruce Mountain Area Robotics Team (SMART) is made up of students from Jay, Livermore, Livermore Falls, and Fayette. SMART is made up of three different leagues/teams: Lego League, Vex Robotics, and FIRST robotics. The Lego League is for middle school students only,
and introduces the students to real-world engineering through challenges in building Lego-based robots to complete specific tasks. Vex Robotics offers high school students the ability to learn about careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students are given the chance to apply their mathematics and science concepts through the engineering design process. FIRST Robotics is for high-school students who compete against other teams to create a robot of a specific design with specific qualifications. Each team competes at the state and national level, and is led by Spruce Mountain high school teacher, Dan Lemieux, and middle school teacher, Rob Taylor.

Kidsville News!
Kidsville News is a family newspaper which promotes a publication that is free to all students K-6 in the Androscoggin and Cumberland County area. Kidsville News was initially created in 1998 by Bill Bowman as a local newspaper for an educational program for his community of Fayetteville, N.C.. Kidsville News is an excellent educational resource for children and has been recognized at the national level. It has been published in 10 states and distributes about 600,000 copies per month to schools, museums, libraries, summer camps, and any location where children are active participants. Its interactive websites provide children, teachers, and parents with access to online worksheets, along with its own electronic version of the newspaper.

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