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LEWISTON – A new partnership between Museum L-A and Electricity Maine is a win-win for both the Museum and customers who switch over to this new supplier of electricity. Not only can customers save money on their electric bill, they can also support the Museum at no additional cost to them. For every 10 kilowatt hours of residential use, Electricity Maine will donate $.01 to Museum L-A. "It may not sound like much, but when you add lots of people together, it can make a difference," said Rachel Desgrosseilliers, Museum L-A's executive director.

"Electricity Maine believes in supporting local non-profits and this is a great way to help further Museum L-A's important mission while also helping local people save money on their electric bill," said Emile Clavet, Electricity Maine's co-owner.

Electricity Maine offers competitive electrical supply rates to residential users in the State of Maine. It is a Maine company, run by Maine residents, that helps to strengthen Maine's economy by keeping resources in Maine. As of mid-November, more than 10,000 customers have signed up with Electricity Maine.

When Maine deregulated its energy market it opened the industry to competition and allowed companies like Electricity Maine to buy energy in the wholesale markets and pass the savings on to its customers. Current discounts for Central Maine Power customers are six percent and Bangor Hydro Electric customers are three percent.

Electricity Maine sells power to CMP and Bangor Hydro and those companies distribute the power to households. Customers' relationship with CMP or BHE will not change. The only difference will be a new electric rate on the supply portion of a resident's CMP or BHE bill. The electricity will come from the same wires. Nothing needs to be installed and there is no interruption of service and no cost to switch over and no cost to switch back.

The donation to Museum L-A is not automatic. For those choosing to sign up by mail, simply put "Museum LA" on the "How did you hear about us" line and Electricity Maine will donate $.01 per every kilowatt hour. Online applicants will select "Museum LA" from a drop-down list. In addition to supporting Museum L-A, businesses may also see savings by switching over to Electricity Maine.

Museum L-A is looking for volunteers to help spread the word about this opportunity. To find out more about Electricity Maine and what it has to offer, follow this link . For Assistance in filling out the paperwork or online form, please contact Museum L-A at (207) 333-3881.