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Future Museum

Work Is Under Way!

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The new Museum L-A is starting to emerge from the former Camden Yarns Mill at 1 Beech Street! As you can see in the photos, crews were busy during the last two months of 2011 working to take down damaged portions of the building while sparing the oldest, most-historic brick section. The demolition/stabilization phase was completed in mid-December. We look forward to having outdoor events on our property starting in the spring!

Due to the building being empty for so long and major damage from a fire in 1945, a decision was made by the Board of Directors to demolish the three worn sections and keep the solid front brick building with the tower.

We will have saved the historic section of the building which connects us to our past as well as have the capability to build a new look for the downtown which will show that we are also about the future and innovation.

So much has been accomplished and still so much to be done, but what excitement!

Please keep watching – you will get excited too.