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Echoes In Time

LEWISTON – In what has been described as a spontaneous reunion of classmates, neighbors, and local musicians more than 1,500 people gathered together on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee for Echoes in Time – a musical extravaganza to benefit Museum L-A. It was a grand celebration of the rich musical talent and heritage of the Twin Cities where thanks goes out to all the local musicians and performers who worked tirelessly to help make happen an event for all ages. This also gave an opportunity to recognize individuals who have made a significant impact on the local music scene.

Museum L-A has established the Echoes in Time Award to honor contributions to the culture and community of Lewiston-Auburn. In the first round of Echoes in Time Awards, Museum L-A honored Milt Simon, Herve Gendreau, Paul Boucher, and Eddie Boucher for contributing their enormous energy and time behind the scenes producing music for the people of Lewiston-Auburn and beyond. Simon was honored for his foresight in creating a community band where for nearly three decades amateur musicians have continued to use their musical talents. Thousands have gathered over the years for free, outdoor concerts presented by Simon's Auburn Community Band.

Gendreau was the police officer involved with the Police Athletic League (PAL) who championed the cause of the teenagers in town and secured the site for the legendary PAL Hops. Back in 1964, local musician, Paul Boucher asked Lt. Gendreau for help in getting Lewiston City Hall opened as a place for local bands to play and Boucher then and later used his artistic talent to create magnificent stage backdrops for the bands who played. Eddie Boucher was honored not only for his talent as a musician, but also as a music producer and a guiding force for countless musicians in Maine and beyond. His generosity, talent, and vision have inspired the careers of many “garage bands” and launched Lewiston-Auburn as the music capital of the Northeast in the 1960's.