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Maine Innovation Expo



Kids as Curators



New Exhibit: Maine's Industrial Landscapes

Janice Moore - Painter
Mark Marchesi - Photographer


The Art of the Bates Bedspread will end at the end of May 2017

“Covering the Nation: The Art of the Bates Bedspread” opened in July, in our Museum gallery. Guest Curator Jacqueline Field brought together some of the best known and most beautiful Bates bedspreads from the museum’s collection. Accompanying the bedspreads are display cases featuring advertising that was utilized to promote the Bates brand.  The exhibit will be up through the May 2017 to accommodate several educational programs and events.


Maine Innovation Expo

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The Maine Innovation Expo is designed to bring together local and state-wide businesses along with educational institutions to showcase innovative processes that combine science, technology, engineering and math. Through creative interactive exhibits, learners of all ages will be encouraged to think creatively, be innovative and take initiative. The Maine Innovation Expo will also provide a platform connecting generations, inspiring our young to explore innovative careers that will strengthen our community. Our goal is to show the community how student innovation and business innovation are directly related in keeping Maine alive. We would like to show the young in our community that you can be innovative and stay in the state of Maine. This is not a trade fair for buying, selling or pitching.

A family-friendly FREE event to make, create, learn, invent, discover and be inspired to be innovative!


Kids as Curators

May/June 2017

The “Kids as Curators” program begins with student visits to Museum L-A.  This is a chance for the students to experience firsthand what a museum is, what exhibits are, and the role a museum plays in the community. Many of the students have never had the chance to visit a museum, and more than a few are unsure of what a museum actually is, and most have never been to Museum L-A, their community museum.  The exposure to, and presence in, an actual museum setting, begins a journey of self- and family discovery, and educational process that would most likely not be available otherwise.