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Bates College Partnership - 2016



As a result of a long-standing collaborative relationship with Bates College’s Harward Center for Community Partnerships, this spring Museum  L-A  received the assistance from Anna Williams, a Senior at Bates College.  As part of the STA/RT program, Ms. Williams delved into the development and use of Bates Manufacturing’s beautifully designed Silk Screens. The projects she worked on included interviews with retired mill workers for their insight and experiences working with the vintage Silk Screens, as well as making display and restoration recommendations to Museum      L-A’s Board of Directors.   Ms. William’s work with Museum L-A was generously supported through a grant from Harward Center’s James W. Carigan ’62 and Sally Larson Carignan ’62 Fund for Community Programs. This fund was established through gifts from more than 150 Bates alumni and friends to honor the Carigans’ many contributions to both campus and community life.

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